Saturday, March 10TH
Indoor Track Suite 300 C  

10:00 Six Ways to  Add Value to Your Home

 Presented By: Mountain American Credit Union

11:00 AM Kitchen & Bath Remodel
Presented By: Darrin Campbell

1:00 PM Remodeling 101
Presented By: Amy DeMik, DeMik Designs

2:00 PM Major Home Remodeling
Presented By:Jamie Walker

Outdoor Track Suite 300

10:00 AM 12 Ways to Create Curb Appeal
 Presented By: Cynthia Bee

11:00 AM Planting Design for Utah
Presented By: Cameron Allcott, Progressive Plants 

1:00 PM Localscapes 101
Presented By: Cynthia Bee, Localscapes

2:00 PM Six Ways to Add Value to Your Home
Presented By: Mountain America Credit Union