Scentsy Wickless Candles

Booth: 908
Scentsational Purple Cow, Inc.
7768 S. 5080 West
Scentsy began with a simple idea—a safe, wickless alternative to scented candles—and quickly grew into one of the most successful direct selling companies. This wickless concept was born when two stay-at-home moms began selling decorative warmers designed to melt scented wax with the heat of a light bulb instead of a traditional wick and flame. Stop by our booth to see our new line. Layers by Scentsy lets you build a new fragrance wardrobe, layer by layer, from your skin to your clothes. Now you can envelop every part of your life with Scentsy fragrances: transform your morning shower from a necessity to something sublime. Elevate the laundry from a chore to an experience. Let your personal fragrance leave a trace with every movement. Pick your signature scent, or mix and match to create your own unique fragrance. Either way, let Layers by Scentsy perfume your life. Layers will be available Shower Cream, Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Body Butter, Hand Cream, Body Spray, Solid Perfume, Washer Whiffs and Dryer Disk.
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