Tips for the Perfect Spring Cake

Mar 08, 2018
Bring the color and beauty of the garden into the kitchen this spring! Baking and decorating a cake on your own may seem like a challenge, but if you keep a few key tips in mind, baking can be fun for the whole family.


Cake Baking Tips

1. Measuring the flour: Always use a dry measuring cup, spoon the flour into the cup, and sweep the excess flour off with a knife to ensure you’re measuring the dry ingredients properly. Also, make sure the flour isn’t too compacted in the measuring cup.

2. Pan positioning: Position the cake or cupcake pans as close to the center of your oven as possible. The pans should never touch each other or the walls of the oven.

3. Cooling process: Cool your cakes upside down to flatten the tops. Leave your cake in the pan for about 15 minutes before removing them, then allow the cake to cook completely on a cooling rack before decorating.

4. Have some fun: When it comes to decorating a cake, don’t let rules stop you from having fun. Decorating a cake, especially if it’s for your family or friends, should always be enjoyable. In fact, get the whole family involved!

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